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Thank you all your work getting drives for Win 10. Download is free of charge. Thanky you so much for the information on this website, best for solving asus windows 10 issues! Finally, install and run ASUS WinFlash to update the BIOS version. Systems Engineer. 3. Any idea of installing Sonic Master software / drivers on Windows 10 x64? I just updated the Fresco Logic driver. Added. Other keys work, but not brightness. My problem is I must remove old software to install new smart gestures. Cheers! We do not guarantee its workability and compatibility. same here.. the solution is to use generic audio driver instead of Conexant one but you don’t get to use ICE Sound in that case. Hi! Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and filling in where the manufacturer has left a big gap in support… my X202E is now a full-fledged Windows 10 machine (with SSD upgrade) and all the original ASUS features working (except for the Blue Asus Key…), Thank you very much for your donation! It is a pain to look for updated drivers on the ASUS Support sites…, Can you please add changelogs to the “Last updated” info section, so we know which driver was updated? I uninstalled the v.1.0.0039 and the issue disappeared. I can’t now reinstall programs like ScreenPad, Splendid and others from Asus. ), because BIOS v206 was not working well with Win10 (backlight control, bootup speed). Armoury Crate; ASUS System Control Interface V2; ELAN Fingerprint; Intel Bluetooth, RST, SST; NVIDIA GeForce; Qualcomm WLAN 12.x; 2019-11-06. Your collection of drivers is more up to date than ASUS. ASUS Business Manager 1.6.7… dead link… plz fix it… thnx. Since Windows 10 upgrade the sleeping mode do not work anymore. Reboot. I really appreciate your work Ivan, so much helpful. I installed the latest ATK and all my function keys work great except for F3 and F4 to turn on the the keyboard light. I have overheating problems with Skylake ones. Hi, is possible to find the “ASUS Installation Wizard” app? I tried to use Intel utility and it don’t recognize the Haswell card. In addition, Mobile Control tab shows an older Server Version ( vs. You need to install the VGA drivers for Windows 8.1, and also make sure you have the latest BIOS version. Thanks a bunch! Any idea? Happy Holidays to you and yours too! Pretty sure there is an update by now, the driver on ASUS download page is a year old. I have a business client who uses a lot of T100TAF transformers. More info here, under Powerful Software Enhancement. I have one that has me beat so I finally find something worth asking you. Or just not break? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’ve got another issue though. My model is A55VM and I struggling to identify the devices on it by manufacturer because after each reinstall Windows update finds drivers by different manufacturer for same device than before. Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Turn on GPU. I tried to uninstall the battery APCI compliant drivers and reinstall but nothing changed. thank you. I have tried the win 7 and 8 versions from the Asus website as well as the skylake ones here… Any suggestions? Remove ASUS Live Update from your system. Greetings from Germany . I only see Synaptics software for the touchpad. Many thx. Thank you for this post, this has helped me a lot with updating to Windows 10 on my UX31A. In the Control Panel under Devices and Printers it tells me that there was a driver issue with the ambient light sensor, reinstall and reboot are offered but don’t help. way to go. like all in one for asus laptop? , Sincere thank you for putting up the reference and links to Asus drivers. ASUS does not update their support pages, that’s all. P.S. I have an Asus X555UJ with Windows 10 and Realtek sound card. I solved it by uninstalling TeamViewer application and uninstalling the ‘Generic PnP Monitor’ (it’s driver was the TeamViewer’s one) from Device Manager — I also checked ‘uninstall device’s software’. Regards. I upgraded from Windows 7 SP1 to Windows 10 and most things work. I’m using a desktop computer with an ASUS P9X79 PRO motherboard. I can’t see from the device manager any existing bluetooth drivers… Is there another way to figure it out? After reflash I am in peace until new Windows 10 update. This finally worked. Well deserved and thank you! I just updated the post with all the Release Dates for each driver. Thanks for the updates Ivan! I had to reinstall Windows because blue screen. Each time it freezes I see the following Event Id 7000 in the Event Viewer after rebooting: “The ASMMAP64 service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the path specified.”. Thanks. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you! No other site offered the driver or the solution. TwoThumbsUp! This page is more helpful than ASUS site. The driver however is one from windows 8.1 and it crashes frequently. Thanks for great support. Plug ‘n play working now after the update . However, the software for ICE Audio Wizard can not be installed on my N750JK-T4068H. Your information and the driver downloads helped me save my Asus notebook. I tried that on a Realtek and works fine, so it must be an issue of the Conexant driver. Cool, thank you so much for your hard work and putting this comprehensive list together for us Asus owners. Also, USB Charger Plus has a new version 4.1.7. Gentlemen your work is great! No, it’s more that the file is marked as downloaded from Internet (you can see that in properties) and file isn’t widely known yet, and probably not so analyzed, so they are doing prevention. In your case, you need to install the Qualcomm WLAN 10.x version. Great site and great work with sorting all this out. Just check which vendor do you have before installing. I have a Eee PC 1025C too. Searching online has been such a hassle until I found your website. You have saved me so much time. How to confirm the ASUS System Control Interface V2 driver version in your computer (the driver must be V2.2.2.0 and above): Search in the lower left corner of the desktop ①[Computer Management] , and click Open ②[Computer Management], click ③[Device Manager], click ④[System Device] , right-click ⑤[ASUS System Control interface V2] . Here you can find some answers on how to remove it: Synaptics touchpad enable/disable. This is a funny fact, because the installed version is 11.x and the Windows wants to “update” to 10.x. I was able to solve my WiFi issues. Thank you!!! I can’t believe that Asus won’t update their support section and I would find drivers for my Asus laptops on this old article that has been updated. Can I use those for the BIOS updates? Check the Wireless LAN vendor on your ASUS Notebook and download the corresponding driver (help). I’m on an N550JV with an adata SX900 SSD as my only drive. Check the Graphics vendor on your ASUS Notebook and download the corresponding driver. Everything seems to work as intended, but the only issue I have now is that the backlight on the keyboard still doesn’t work, even when updating to the latest ATK pack 1.0.0047. I tried everything and nothing seems to fix the problem. I have a S56C / K56CA, and I’m trying to install the Qualcom Atheros WLAN drivers. When I tried to uninstall Synaptics drivers from win 10, I received an error message that one of the files could not be found and therefor did not perform the uninstall. I have used the Skylake chipset update before I read your message and my problem has been solved. Thanks. You picked up some I missed. I used to control the performance speed with this, Giga, use the driver for Windows 8, listed in the Other drivers section. However, the brightness control commands (fn+f5 and fn+f6) still face some problems as they work only the first time I use them. I also got some additional features by upgrading the Realtek audio drivers. I solved the issue installing ASUS Wireless Console 3 on my Win10. It’s been weeks and I haven’t figured that out. I have a Asus Eee PC 1025C with Win10 and the resolution is still only 800×600. An all-in-one interface for managing different ASUS components, tools and utilities - useful for gamers and power users alike. Please keep it up!!! Do you know this problem? Does anyone know if there is a similar website for latest Toshiba drivers? I found your page by looking up the lit keyboard issue. It sounds okay with last Realtek drivers, but not as good as before. NO CRASH. Mark, that seems a Windows issue, check the settings again. The official site is useless. /u/asus_usa I would like to force the install of the latest generic driver just to see if it improves the situation. Probably they forgot to sign the installer, since it says “Publisher: Unknown Publisher”. Thank you for your amazing work. What I got to work: I am having the same issue as well when I close the lid. You must update your ATK Package driver to v1.0.0038 or above, as ASUS support says. Hard to say, I posted the Hotfix as soon as they released it. Many of the 81nn drivers no longer have the Maxxaudio integration DLL files (hence the lack of the Audio Wizard control panel) and it seems the last one from ASUS is 8098. Thought I’d get your input first. and thanks for reporting how you solved the ScreenPad touchpad issues. It has been 5 days now. Did I do something wrong? 4. I’m actually just going to bookmark everything for now with that latest Intel driver installed and see how it goes. I posted a newer version (, try that one. Asif, try the Intel Driver Update Utility included in the post. It last almost one month without issues (but sometimes happens again). It’s really inspiring to see it dedications towards making the latest drivers easily accessible to us. Do not change your BIOS, you already have the latest 211 version, according to the support page for your laptop. Mike, Thanks so much for this, that ATK issue caused me to reinstall things twice and I was about to go back to Win 7 (N53JF) Brilliant work… thanks again. The driver installed successfully, and I confirmed that it replaced the default drivers that were provided by Microsoft. Any idea why when I close the lid and reopen, it restarts (Not hibernate or sleep)? Solved all my problems. Thank you so much, very much appreciated! I had Windows 8.1 when the errors started to appear and now I installed Windows 10, but I keep having this error. Thank you for making this site. Thanks. I tried to check which was the GPU in use, but the Nvidia’s GPU detector couldn’t find anything. I have been suffering a sleep mode bsod upon wake that sends me to the bios. Thanks EP! @Ivan, Thanks a lot for the drivers :). Sorted my touch pad and Fn F9 problems on T100HA. It seems that the driver installed by Windows Update uses other version numbers (I had a 3.x version too after the Fall Creators update). Actually I had that same issue. Man, I really have to thank you so much! Really helps a lot! Have you downgraded the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal framework driver (DPTF) to v6.x or v7.x for Win8. Such a nice blog! Do I need to uninstall the previous one the subs into the new one? I hope this can fix your problem too. Anyone with no issues with a most recent Broadcom driver? If the latest version did not work for you, you could try that driver. I have been looking what’s causing the problem. The easiest way to find which process is to blame is by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del > Task Manager. Thanks for letting me know about the broken links from Intel. I have an old UL30 as a spare and just updated to “Fall Creators”. 5. Mark, I looked at the support page for K72JK and many of the drivers are listed in the post. I know the drivers can be uninstalled manually but it is beyond my technical knowledge. Cheers! Thanks a lot. I installed the latest drives from this site and the installation keeping running then it says it times out. I can manually dim and brighten the screen, everything else seems to work. So many great comments. I have latest drivers. Yes, it is compatible with all laptops models including yours. ty it worked fine for my asus g771jm — keyboard lit up at once . Please, add the RIGHT sequence order of drivers installation. I did a search about ASUS Installation Wizard and it’s just the autorun app for a driver disk, which is copied to C:\eSupport folder. I’m facing issues with a N550 asus laptop. Asus doesn’t update drivers on laptop X550JX website so I use your website . Just wanted to say Thx for this site. If I leave Windows 10 fast boot feature on, all the above issues are gone on a cold boot. Thank you for getting these drivers all assembled in one place. I have Asus N56VZ with Nvidia 650m 4gb! Do you know what to do? I compared with and the “SM” version only adds a ASF3GUI folder, but the driver is the same. Then, the Redstone Update came along a few days later and after the update finished installing, miraculously the sensor started working…. Dude, Splendid app contains device specific icc/icm profiles, & stay out of that $hit. Thanks for that. Hi there – so happy to have found this place: SHAME on Asus I must say! I have the G751 and it uses the Haswell processor. Thank you. Once again, thanks so much! Would it be possible to update to the 3xx even though these newer versions are not listed at A55VM’s support page? On a Q302L ATK Package works like it is designed to, but not on the Q551LNB. I used the info you posted to fix my 2 finger scroll and it worked. I found everything I wanted here. Is Charger+ useful also for Android phones? Well one of his guys replaced a digitizer/touchscreen assembly in one of them and afterwards it seems like it lost sensitivity. Is there a place where step by step directions can be found? I’ve found your website while looking for ASUS drivers, and I have to say you’ve done an amazing job. I’ve been searching this site for months. On this page I see versions 10.x, 11.x and 12.x, you say to download the driver which starts with the same version number but when I check the version in the Device Manager it displays In the ROG forum someone said: “Sonic Studio II does not have an independent installer, it’s automatically installed with the Realtek audio driver.”. Before, I don’t have any guts to do all the driver updates. Thanks!! Just thought I’d add this. 1. I am so happy I found your site, the driver ATK was what I needed for my Asus preboot back light issue. You do what Asus seems to be incapable of doing, providing all the drivers and proper downloads. Pressing Fn+A results in the OSD toggle message “on/off” but nothing happens. If I uninstall the ATK package, this does not happen, but I can’t also use the hotkeys. Reinstall Intel HD Graphics and it will work again. Thanks, the USB 3.0 AsMedia drivers worked on my desktop!!! I downloaded Dells driver package for this, which worked perfectly: R5C833/R5U230 Driver. I need a Bluetooth driver for my X750L. Hey Ivan, I just wanted to say thanks for this incredibly helpful site you put up (and actively maintain). I have the exact same issue on my Asus NX500J. Latest ATK Package is installed – does that actually contain a driver for the sensor? Thank you very much for that work. One turns off/on the blue led under the screen, one is for overclocking and one is to change the screen to vivid or movie etc. It is set to on in the energy profile I’m running, toggling it there does not help either. The problem is I cannot obtain the PID number since the driver is already deleted. downgrade from v211 to v209 done… sleep mode OK !! The new Windows 10 UI also includes an easy access to enable/disable WiFi or Bluetooth. Or the one available here: Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver? ASUS USB Charger Plus is a tool to quickly charge your Apple mobile device. Maybe the heat management now will allow me to keep the laptop closed when gaming. On my N752VX I installed Windows 1803 May 2018 update. $9 US is the best I could do today with the nasty CAD exchange , John, thank you very very much for your donation! . I spent hours sorting out the freezing problem that was fixed after I disabled my Qualcomm Atheros Gigabit adaptor. I tried updating every driver related to Intel, Asus, Bios and controllers, but the problem persists. Thanks a lot man. I added LAN, BIOS and everything I found in the Other drivers section. ASUSSystemControlInterfaceV2_ASUS_Z_V2.2.31.0_12934.exe is known as ASUS System Control Interface V2 and it is developed by ASUSTeK Computer INC.. We have seen about 1 different instances of ASUSSystemControlInterfaceV2_ASUS_Z_V2.2.31.0_12934.exe in different location. There is another application called ASUS Remote Link which also installs Smart Gesture and it is listed in Windows as ASUS Smart Gesture version 4.3.9. The volume works but not brightness. Remember to use the latest NVIDIA driver from the post. I’m not entirely familiar with which apps/drivers are only for ScreenPad 2.0. Nothing else helped, nothing. Thank you! Still the issue persists. For your issue, there is a Microsoft fix here. Thanks! However I had this trouble only when GPU driver installed before chipset (or after update). Big thanks for all the drivers. , Hello, I have a problem with driver for camera model K52JC. How come I don’t see ATK V1.0.0043 on the ASUS link for my laptop model? Anyway, Ivan can u plz upload the latest versions of ASUS (business) Manager… I’m pretty sure that there’re later versions…, Thanks Naks, casually last week a new version of Business Manager was released and I added it to the list. my keyboard worked again.. thx! The solution to my problems with random BSOD is simply to reflash BIOS with latest version (going inside BIOS and reset to default won’t help, reflash is needed). Thank you so much for this website. I installed Win10 from scratch a few days before the free upgrade period ended, and ended up with the ambient light sensor not working. You can now buy a couple of cups of coffee . Thanks for all the work. Just in case, I will add ASUS Wireless Switch V3.0.47 to the Other drivers section. I hope this solve my problems with Asus UX32VD, Hey Ivan, Thanks for your good work here regarding many updates for many users and their pc/laptop! Tried reinstalling Windows even. – newer Intel VGA driver (Intel driver update) One thing, it has a “Bang & Olufsen ICEpower” sound bar integrated. Anyway, your drivers worked again, and so the touchpad feature is working once again. Then, go to the Bluetooth section and double clic the entry. This update installed Intel Graphics driver Some updated drivers: ICEsound, IRST_Intel_Skylake and VGA_Intel_Skylake. MyASUS or ASUS Live Update provided by ASUS will be activated by default, as well as check and install updates automatically after you have consented. So he went and ran this ASUS touch panel Auto update Tool for T100HA on it. Manufacturer: ASUS. The “Audio Wizard” thing is the control panel for Waves Maxxaudio, for some old ASUS laptops that have Realtek audio with Maxxaudio integration. However, it still locked up after the first reboot. Help me please , Same how about your auto rotation? Intel updates don’t work for Asus notebooks. I almost returned back my brand new Zenbook… I registered my product in asus site, and they show out of date drivers. If all the other keys work I doubt if it’s the keyboard. Tried manual updates by unzipping the latest Intel driver and selecting it in device manager but also refuses to install telling me I have the ‘latest version’ installed. Thanks for your donation Richard! Still not working: Every-time when Windows ends booting, I get a message saying that the controller for the key for switching the touchpad is invalid. They are shown as tooltips when you place the mouse pointer on a driver. Is it possible to have these drivers for ASUS PC Desktop? Thanks for reporting it! Much easier to navigate and find them here than on the ASUS website. I was able to resolve the audio issue when plugging in a 3.5mm speaker/headphone jack. This site looks more comprehensive than the official site! ASUS Support Center helps you to downloads Drivers, Manuals, Firmware, Software; find FAQ and Troubleshooting Thanks for any advice on whether to use some of your driver links or not because basically ASUS says if it is not listed for the notebook, don’t upgrade to Win 10. But now I have some Internet dropping connection. Cheers for your blog . The list includes Smart Gesture, ATK Package, Audio, Bluetooth, WLAN, LAN, Graphics, Card Reader, USB Charger+, BIOS and more. You’re an angel! I’ve just updated today’s version for ATK driver. The links on this site for these three go to an outdated Asus download mirror however… any way to redirect to the direct Intel link? Thanks for sending the GPU Tweak link, I added it to the list Thanks for your website! Version V2.2.18.10 has the issue. Does anyone have the Asus OEM system for this PC? Add ROG Aura Core (Basic Effects), Lighting Service and Core Component. Thanks. Wow what a fantastic website! Could you help me with that? Under “Manufacturer”, scroll down to “Synaptics” Thanks Arden, I added the ASUS ROG Aura Core drivers to the post. Your drivers were the answer to my Asus SonicMaster subwoofer problems. Better than the ASUS official help, they should pay you! That is, if you update ATK you must restart Windows. Is there something you may know of that I’m doing wrong, or is it possible you have the drivers posted instead of the Thank you! Because I don’t see the Broadwell’s chipset above. Did the update of my ASUS X45U for Windows 10 and after the update my CD/DVD player never came back to work or to appear in Device Manager. ATK Hotkey is already included in the ATK Package. Running this app might put your PC at risk.“. Yasal bilgiler: da bulunan tüm programlar ücretsizdir. Do most of these drivers apply to that? After upgrade of Windows 10 to version 1709 I had no more gesture support on my ASUS X302UJ. I had this wireless problem for ever and was solved. 30 mins ago Intel got an angry msg. Then, open the folder and look for the “Setup.exe” file. Dopo aver passato un pomeriggio a tentare di far funzionare un ASUS N55SF alla fine sono incappato in questo sito e ho risolto tutti i problemi audio, compreso il sub Sonicmaster. I have a Qualcomm Atheros AR9002WB-1NG. Uncheck the option “Show compatible hardware” After upgrading to Windows 10 on my ASUS notebook, I faced some issues like the one with the touchpad. See changelog.Get updates by following me on: ATK Package includes ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities. thanks for keeping Asus NB drivers up to date . Microsoft seems to install generic drivers to get it to work, but the Genesys drivers never worked. I see some of the drivers on this page have different versions from the ASUS site. Download and install the Intel Graphics Driver V10.18.10.3308.02 for Windows 8.1. Don’t know how to solve that one, but aside from the error there are no issues with the touchpad. I have a Asus 2 in 1 Q502LA 15″ with Intel I5. Thank you in advance. How disappointing. Example: ASUS link = ATK V1.0.0040 vs this page V1.0.0043. Just a suggestion, put the changelog on the top of the page. My camera stopped working with all the Win10 updates (of course). Copyright © 2014 – 2020 Ivan Ridao Freitas, NVIDIA compatibility issue with Windows 10, Intel Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility), ASUS Smart Gesture problem with Windows Installer, How to find the correct Wireless LAN Driver,, Realtek Audio + ASUS Sonic Suite 2.2.25 + Sonic Radar 2.1.3301.0, GitHub Release Downloads, a WordPress Plugin, Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework. Thanks a lot. In Asus Zenbook Pro 15 UX580GE, it also works the ScreenPad!!! I wanted to say thank you Ivan for your commitment to helping people like myself by providing a concise and up to date site. PS: the Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 may slow down the internet (it did in my case). Windows 10 64-Bit Driver. Your providing the list of downloadable drivers has made it easier for me to reformat my unit once I get it back from the shop. .hide-if-no-js{display:none!important}. Does anyone know if I must do this after every update? Açıklama: System Control Interface V1(Driver) for ASUS S7CM ASUS System Control Interface provide optimization of MyASUS. Can you help me? mine isn’t working nor there’s a setting for it. just remain mainboard drivers haha. But when I do, the installed version shows I shared this site on a win10 forum hope will be helpful to someone else. Thank you so much for the drivers! After a fixless chat with Asus Support I’ve found a way with Asus X750 series to work with touchpad (the 2-finger scroll issue caused a CPU fan noise all time and it was just wrong driver for touchpad). Thank you Ivan you’re a hero Hi Peter Is there a version of the Intel Serial IO driver that’s compatiable with the DEV_A369 harware ID, but runs on Windows 8.1? Send to Email Open on your smart phone Copy Link [MyASUS] How do get the latest version of MyASUS or ASUS System Control Interface / ASUS System Control Interface V2? Has anyone encountered and/or managed to solve this problem? Now my only problem is that the camera (Lifeframe) has everything inverted. Reboot. Try to deactivate all non windows drivers and restart. Still looking for a solution. Or can you forward this for me? Yeah, I have the same problem (Win10, UX303). Your drivers helped make my maldito computer work again! Incredible job man ! Did you install the ASUS Sync Driver? . Any thoughts? Does anyone else have this problem? He called it a Bios Password & I have the password but Im sick of having to use it everytime I turn my computer on to use it. Thank you very much for collecting all drivers, your website is very useful and very well-organised. Are you tired of looking for the drivers for your devices? Install ASUS System Control Interface V2 driver for Windows 10 x64, or download DriverPack Solution software for automatic driver installation and update. Any chance you could find the ASUS Sonic Suite II software from Asus and post a link? Thanks for any hint. Window 10 installs the wrong Realtek driver and has done so for a very long time. Note: Windows Update may override the driver installed by the utility. My T100 suffered the camera issue after updating to Win 10 and without this site, I was lost. … I’ve searched my laptop and was unable to find a file named asmmap64. Downloading files from means you are informed about it and agree to, ArmouryCrateService &­ ROGLiveService UpdatePackage, Add ASUS S7CM System Control Interface V1(Driver) to your drivers list, Download ASUS S7CM Armoury Crate Service v.2.6.5 driver, Download ASUS S7CM ArmouryCrate.Xtu Troubleshooting v.6.51.371.0 driver, Download ASUS S7CM ROG Live Service pack v. driver, Download ASUS S7CM ArmouryCrateService &­ ROGLiveService UpdatePackage v.2.3.5 driver, Download ASUS S7CM ROGLiveServicePackage v. driver, Download ASUS S7CM Realtek Audio Driver v., Download ASUS S7CM Intel Graphics Driver v., Download ASUS S7CM Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver v., Download ASUS S7CM ROGLiveService pack v. driver.

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